About Us


Take two girls, one from Liverpool and one from London, get them married to men who have been friends since childhood, the two girls then become great friends in the process. Throw in three babies and a move to North Wales, fast forward a few years and there you have it…..Lillybear! Well, there’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the short version.


After leaving University I worked as a graphic designer for over eight years. I have always been called upon by friends and family to make unique wedding stationery, invites to Christenings and birthday parties and art for their homes and business. I think they thought they were taking advantage of my creative flair and beloved printer but I secretly enjoyed these little projects and it was this that helped me realise my dream of running my own business.

Things you should know about me….
I have curly hair but you would never know this as I am obsessed with my hair straighteners
I have two children, one husband and a cat
I dislike wasps, bees and most flying insects
I have many silly/crazy superstitions especially when it comes to Liverpool Football Club
I love typography


After studying Art and Textiles at college I stumbled into a career in law, and there I stayed for over 13 years. Throughout this time the creative in me always found a project from pieces of art for my home or cards from my son. I’ve taken on many house renovations with my husband and in the process fallen in love with interior design and decoration. After taking on our largest project to date (a move from London to North Wales and a house in need of a LOT of work) I’m so proud to now be one half of a great team in Lillybear!

Things you should know about me….
I’m surprisingly strong for someone so small
I have a little boy who entertains and surprises me every day
I like to be organised and take great pleasure in ticking off jobs on lists
I am at my happiest spending time at the beach
I have a passion for photography and rarely leave the house without my camera